Shoutout to Victoria Hislop

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Victoria Hislop is a beautiful 58-year-old English author. Born in Bromley, she would go on to attend St. Hilda’s College in Oxford. Like many other authors, she worked in publishing and journalism before becoming a full-time author. Though she lived in London for a long time, she has now settled in Sissinghurst.

Her books are normally set around Greece with a focus on historical events. She has no Greek roots or any idea where her love for the country comes from, but it is clearly the love reflected in all her books. In an interview, she stated it is a place where she feels a deep belonging, it was love at first sight: “The sky here has a unique translucence, the sea is especially blue, the stars are brighter and the landscape is dramatic, particularly in Crete where I have my house.”

The first Hislop book I read was The Island, and it blew. my. mind. I was quite young, at a stage where I mainly just read fantasy books. Anything else was mind-numbingly boring in comparison to stories about magic. My aunt borrowed it to me because she loved it. Barely even a page in, and I was hooked. The storyline was captivating and intense, characters complex and realistic, writing intoxicating and enjoyable. My aunt’s book had a wonderful perfume smell, (don’t get me wrong, book smell is still the best smell in the world) and it really created a whole experience around that book. Every time, I smell the perfume I am reminded of it, and how much I enjoyed reading it. When I later bought my own copy, it was with a sadness I read it without the reminiscing smell.


  • The Island
  • The Return
  • The Thread
  • The Sunrise
  • Cartes Postales from Greece

“Being passive doesn’t mean being subservient. Her power lay in how well she chose to respond. There was no subservience involved.”

For more information, visit her website



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