I am a 20-year old marketing student from Norway who moved to the UK to study two years ago. I’m currently living in Uxbridge outside of London, where I’m working as part of my degree. Last year, I decided to create a book blog, not only to have a creative outlet, but also to ground myself in the world of readers and really intensify the hobby I was already so passionate about.

I’ve been a book nerd for as long as I can remember. I believe Harry Potter was what truly brought me into the reading world and boy am I grateful I found those incredible books. In a way, they changed who I was for the better, they shaped my thinking and gave me moral lessons and values I bring with me every day.

You’ll find that I post about different things and that I don’t follow a set formula in my reviews. This is for me to express my emotions about the books I read and therefore the reviews will simply be a reflection of the main thoughts I had after reading the book. I’ll also be posting discussion posts, poetry I like, profiles on my favourite authors etc.

I hope you enjoy my blog!


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