Pretty Poetry #3


If you lend me your heart
I vow not to break it
I’ll keep it safe within mine
so no one can take it

and if ever you are lost
with nowhere to roam
reach for my hand
and I’ll guide you home

– Shelby Leigh

This is by Shelby Leigh, featured in her collection “It Starts Like This.” I think it is such a lovely read, making me feel comforted and at ease. I found this through her Tumblr and I’ve had it among my likes for a long time, but I felt it needed more sharing.

Pretty Poetry #2



I found this on Tumblr a few years ago and it really stuck with me. I’ve had this on a note on my wall for ages and it’s a post-it note my Mac’s desktop as well. There is something ineffably beautiful about it. It makes me feel grand and small, significant and insignificant at the same time. I searched for a long time to find the writer, I even posted a question about it on Quora, but no one seemed to be able to tell me who wrote it.

Eventually, I contacted the person who posted it on Tumblr to ask if they knew where it was from. It turned out she was the one who wrote it! I was ecstatic to get in touch with her and finally express my admiration. Usually, I like the anonymity, not knowing who created something. Whenever I find new music, I avoid pictures of the singers, because if I know what they look like it takes away some of the magic. You paint an image in your head and knowing the backstory devalues your picture sometimes. This was an exception. I needed to know where this was from. This is the most magical poem I have ever read, and every time I read it, it’s like reading it for the first time.

Pretty Poetry #1

There are so many pieces of poetry out there I really love. I’ve decided to start a series where I post some of my favourite poetry monthly, starting with this poem by Jakub Beralski. This poem is incredibly beautiful to me and I have read it countless times. Please peruse as you please:

My hourglass used to be filled with sand,
but then there was a leak,
and slowly, surely, my time ran out.

I filled my hourglass with water,
but then the time flowed by in the blink of an eye.

I filled it with concrete:
at first I liked having time at a standstill,
but that got old pretty quick.

I once left it empty,
but air flows even faster than water.

I filled it with dirt:
sometimes time would flow,
but sometimes it got stuck and I’d have to shake it loose.

I’ve put many things in my hourglass,
but I can’t seem to get time to flow just right.

– Jakub Beralski